Featured Distribution: Solus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linuxpeer?

Linuxpeer is a platform for delivering easy access to information about distributions, as well as helping smaller development teams help "distributing" their distribution. On top of this, Linuxpeer also tries to archive as much data it can on old, discontinued and new distributions.

I want to help keep all the data up-to-date

That is awesome. Thank you. The best way to become an endorsed user and get access to editing distributions, is by being an official staff from a distribution. Exceptions can be made, so please contact us.

How do I add a distribution?

Before you can actually add a distribution you must be a the representative of the distribution in question. Follow these guidelines.

How do I add a torrent?

If you would like to help keep the site up-to-date with the newest available releases, you can come talk with us on our IRC channel #linuxpeer @ Freenode or be an endorsed user.

Can you help distribute our distribution?

Yes! Linuxpeer got its own tracker (http://linuxpeer.org/announce.php) you can use. There is also a seedbox available in Europe (http://dl.linuxpeer.org) that you can use.